"Through the Eyes of the Heart"



This bottle is covered with numerous works of art, some which are listed below:
"Sun & Moon" design by Auguste Blender
"End of an Age" Steve Levin
"Le Coucher de Soleil" Barbara Longwill (neck area)
"A Hudson River View" (detail) Jasper Francis Cropsey 1861
"Landscape Near Lexington, Kentucky" Anna Marie Von Phul 1818 (outside bottom)
"Flooded River Leaving the Orchard" Stephen Hannock 1999
"Danger on the Stairs" c 1927 Pierre Roy"91 Rue de Turenne, 1911" Jean-Eugene August Atget
"Optimism" Anthony Ackrill 1999
"Map of the Northern Zodiac", "Astronomy and Astrology Illumination" Claudius Ptolemy c 2nd century AD
from the 9th century edition "Handy Tables"
1 by Jenness Cortez
1 heart with eyes from 1999 controversial art show at the Brooklyn Museum.

To preserve bottle in good condition treat it gently.
Do not scrub, soak nor place near intense heat or sun.
When needed use a soft moist cloth.