"The Colors of Jazz"



"Esquire’s All American Hot Jazz Sessions" Camille Przewodek
(On cover of The Artists Magazine May 1991) on back lower front
Illustration by Bill Hall (ad for Finity artists acrylics)
"Jazz # 2" Sonia Garson
"Sound Waves" Robert Cerins
"Louis Armstrong" by?
"Jazz" Misha Frid (bronze, lower front)
"Encore" 1991 Hughie Lee Smith
"Last Call" Frank Morrison (upper neck area)
"T he Jazz Store Catalogue-Vol # 13" by?
(Man with shades, possibly Ray Charles) Illustration by Kim Scholle
"Aeroblue Sax" Rod Dyer
Program cover for "JVC Jazz Festival 1997" on outside bottom, name of illustrator not available

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