"A Moment for Reflection"



This bottle is covered with numerous works of art, some which are listed below:

“Summer’s Bounty” C. Repasy
“The Cats Up” Kerry Smith
“A Moment for Reflection” (front center) Steve Hanks
“Where the Healing Begins” (back center) Steve Hanks
“Just Another Day in Paradise” Lisa Schirmer
“Silhouettes” S. Thomas Sierak
“Window Door Desk/Sees 17th Street” 1998 Carolyn Brady
“Sunday Morning” 1997 artist name unavailable
“Ruffled Waltz” Barbara Darling Brown
“At the Top of the Stairs” Kerry Smith
“Fleurs” (outside bottom) Albert Furey“

To preserve bottle in good condition treat it gently.
Do not scrub, soak nor place near intense heat or sun.
When needed use a soft moist cloth.