"Aww Haw"



This bottle is covered with numerous works of art, some which are listed below:

“The Orphan” Bernice Brown
“Sculpture in Wood” Bill Churchill
“5 A.M.” Larry Fanning
“Shades” & “ Aww Haw” Robert “Shoofly” Shufelt
“Making the Cuts” K.w. Whitley
“Bringin’ Him Down” Robert Hagen
“Ground Tied” Sherry Blanchard Stewart
“Guadalupe Crossing” Jack Terry
“Blue Scarf” robert Tanenbaum
“The Journey” Michel Coleman
“High Country Stream “ Curtis w. Dykes (inside bottom)
“Buckaroos of the Great Basin” Williams Matthews (detail on outside bottom)
“Taking a Break” artist name unavailable

To preserve bottle in good condition treat it gently.
Do not scrub, soak nor place near intense heat or sun.
When needed use a soft moist cloth.