"Mixed Media #2"



This bottle is covered with numerous works of art some which are listed below:
"The Magnificent Bossom" 1997 John Currin
"Líatelier de Líartiste a Vence" 1945 Raoul Dufy
"New Impressionism" Alexander Onishenko
"Untitled" (undulating landscape and avalanche) Maya Lin
"Family Time" (detail) Mathew Morillo
"Urban Composition" 1998 Orlando Vallejo
"Cottages at Burghclere" 1950-51 Stanley Spencer
"Self Portrait with Patricia Preece" 1936 Stanley Spencer
"Road" Susan Carr
"Snozzberry Swizzler" 1997 (detail) Michael Bevilacqua
"Antibes Matin" 1918-19 Paul Signac
"Wide Downstreet" 1994 Wayne Thiebaud
"Swimmer" 1996 Nicole Eisenman
"Red Wine" 1998 Angelica Rivera
"Yellow House" 1930 (detail) Nan Lee Lorraine Albright
"Nighthawks" 1921 Lyonel Feininger
"The Painter and the Boy" 1834 Thomas Fearnley
"Puppy" (artist name unknown)
Inside bottom of bottle:
"Incarceration of the Soft White Thing" (detail) Wiley Ware
Outside bottom:
"The Paris Review" (artist name unknown)
"The Tree of Life" Eva Strauss Rosen

To preserve bottle in good condition treat it gently.
Do not scrub, soak nor place near intense heat or sun.
When needed use a soft moist cloth.