"Mixed Media # 9"



This bottle is covered with numerous works of art, some which are listed below:
"Enchanted Forest" (inside bottom) James Leonard
"Untitled" 1940 Matta
"Sad Flowers" Nicholas Savage
"Checkered Tea" Lisa Fournier
"Zig Zag" Barbara Gray
"Loving Cycle Ride: Alain and Daniel Bonnec
"Dante/Paolo/Francesca" Lindenberg
"Living on the Sea" Christian Keating
"Rain" Peter Hristoff
"Minuto 90" Sapia
"Humor Is Everything" (bunny) Dana Simson
"Untitled" Michael Reafsnyder
"Untitled # 15" Paula Barragan
"Studio With Painting In Progress" Paul Wonner
"The Balancing Act" Carol Egmont St.John
"Kiss It Good-bye" artist name unknown

To preserve bottle in good condition treat it gently.
Do not scrub, soak nor place near intense heat or sun.
When needed use a soft moist cloth.